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Every Christmas Celebration has its own highlight – fireworks gone wrong, really bad food, opening a puppy for a gift, and the list goes on!

Now you get to know what happened to some of the people behind the web during Christmas!

“Christmas highlight? Hmmm…My highlight is: how dark and depressing this Christmas turned out to be because I forgot how to live my life.” Veronica, Editor/Social Media Manager

“ My highlight was that I spent my ‘Christmas’ in a hospital because I was sick… and to add more fancy, I was ordered an NPO which means I don’t get to eat anything until further notice from the doctor! I swear that cupcake was smiling at me.” Katrina, writer

“Everything was dull so far, I believe my highlight is that it’s the first time in 25 years that I did not go out for Christmas.” Francis, Graphics

“The highlight was fulfilling traditions that we always do, it might not sound as a highlight but that what makes my Christmas special than the rest of the days and that is a highlight for me.” Web admin

What’s your highlight?

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