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Wrapping gifts will take skill and some talent. May these tips help you with the struggle!

1.) Use a Snack Pack as a Gift Wrap
No more wrappers? Raid your Kitchen and eat a bag of Doritos or whatever chips you find! They make good gift wrappers.  After eating, clean the chip bag and turn them inside out. Place the gift inside the bag and twist the top part. Tie a ribbon and you are done!

2.) Hide The Price!
It is embarrassing and rude to leave the price tags on the shirt you bought for your loved one but cutting it would make it non-returnable. Take a colourful pen and simply color over the price or place a sticker.

3.) Buy a Decorative Tape
Not all of us are Pro-gift wrappers so when all else fails, having a decorative tape to hide tears and bad edges won’t make your badly-wrapped gift look so bad!|

4.) Wrap on a Hard Surface.
You are prone to tears and bad wrapping if you wrap on your bed which cannot hold the gift wrap and the gift. Better do it on the floor or the table.

5.) Use Pringles cans to store your gift wrap.
It holds them in place and does not crumple the wraps.

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