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THE Vatican has just released Pope Francis’ message calling on all people and leaders to listen to the cry of the earth and protect the creation of God from climate change and further destruction.

The encyclical contains proposals on how to act -- with food for thought for many.

Basically, it wants a change of lifestyle and for the rich to stop polluting the earth to combat climate change.

The leader of more than a billion Christians has spoken for the first time on this vital issue.

This shows the extent of the dying ecology. The Pope’s last visit here last January, 2015 is testament of his concern against climate change.

I say: rise up Christian soldiers and fight this monster climate change! Surely many more feel the same.

The earth is crying for help. The culprits have been humans whatever faiths they may have. But the Vatican has made its own appeal while the other faiths are waging war against each other.

India and the Middle East are in extreme drought. North Korea and California are in their worse drought ever.

As we welcome the call of the Pope, we expect that many of the members of the COP 21 in Paris this year will do little on how to combat effectively global warming.

The Group of Seven has already made its plan and announced like they were the saviors of the planet -- cut of 40% to 70% percent of greenhouse gas emissions on 2050.

By 2050, many of the people who signed the accord would be dead. Definitely carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere would have breached the 5ppm-700ppm mark.

Temperatures will have passed the 2°C that will bring to the earth climatic conditions that will bring extreme poverty, drought, floods, heat, new diseases like Ebola and MERS.

There will be nothing left in 2050. This announcement is premature and will have NO BEARING. We are all suffering today and no one is being spared.

It is the hope of many that the message of Pope Francis would reach the hearts and minds of the good and the faithful.

We pray that it does. If they have not slowed down GHG emissions by now, they never will until Arab springs bring Industry and the economy to a halt.

Then we can have a new beginning. A simple life with pristine forest and healthy and clean oceans.

We pray that the message of the Pope is taken seriously!


May God bless the courage of the Pope and those who protect Mother Earth.

After all, the Canticle of all creatures says it all.

(By: Antonio M. Claparols – President ESP)