Bellevue is tucked out of the way, which is probably the best thing about their location. The famous Alona Beach is about 7 km *that way*, and if you want to be far from it cause you’re looking for peace and privacy, The Bellevue Resort is perfect for you and your family.

And it’s got everything.

The infinity pool is just spectacular. It offers a wonderful view of the ocean. On our first afternoon there, we found some high-spirited people doing Aqua Zumba. I don’t Zumba, but their party vibe made me almost want to strap on my bathing suit and be a “woo” girl just like the rest of them.


Their infinity pool is even more striking at night when it lights up.

Well, almost. But that’s me.

Marea Al Fresco Dining at night provides you sustenance and entertainment minus the chaos. Their sports bar has a pool table and a chess table for giants (you’ll see). John and I wanted to play some pool that evening, but they were invaded by little boys in pajamas. That’s not something you see every night.

The resort has so many other things to offer. If you like staying dry, there’s archery, a spa, and star gazing. We would have done all of them, but sore muscles from our tours surrendered to a much-deserved massage.

Water activities are big here. You can go parasailing, wake boarding, kayaking, and diving. The Bellevue had other plans for us, and here’s keeping my fingers crossed that we can do these on our next visit. *wink! wink!*


Sunset from The Luxury View Deck

Word around here is that Bellevue has the best sunset view in the whole of Panglao. I found out about this from a former colleague who was in a different hotel that day, asking if she can visit me in Bellevue just to experience that sunset. But Bellevue had more in store – up in the Luxury View Deck, the staff has prepared an afternoon treat with lounge and Balearic music while we bathed in the oranges and pinks of that afternoon. We capped the day with a Cabana themed dinner, drinks, laughter, and music at the View Deck – the perfect way to celebrate with new friends.



On a scale of 1 to 5 starfishes, we were extremely impressed and satisfied.

We would like to thank The Bellevue Resort, Al Ladaga, and their General Manager, Rommel T. Gonzales. We were spoiled, but we’re not complaining at all.

For more information, visit or call (+6338) 422 2222 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Get your island chorvaness on,

John and Zoe