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Boracay island will always be that "go to" place if you want to sink your feet in fine white sand and swim in the clear blue sea on your summertime.

The Calaguas Islands

Travelling to other places that are away from your home is another way of de-stressing your mind and to actually broaden your knowledge – geographically speaking.

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A lot of amazing islands surrounds the main island of Cebu. Each are all full of eye-catching tourist spots and are definitely must-go places.

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I am not a big fan of tourist attractions usually due to the excessive number of people in the area.

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Malabon City was previously known as Tambobong. 

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The biggest city in the Philippines comes with big bags of everything.

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'City of Fun and Adventure,' the capital of Albay province definitely has a lot in store for travelers, adventurers, and foodies.

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It is always a bargain at Baclaran. Use your negotiating skills to get the best price for you.

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Endless adventures is what's waiting for you here in Cebu.

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I think we deserve to feed our eyes with an unadulterated environment for once.

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Have you done something so extreme that you are literally lost from reality?