Get a taste of some Cebuano ink.

That's what my friend Faith did yesterday at 032 Tattoo, which is conveniently located at the heart of the city. Owned by Chow Abinales, the shop specializes in tattoo artistry as well as piercings. What I especially liked about the shop was how well the tools and different types of inks were arranged. Currently there are two artists aside from owner Abalines namely Jaylantoy and Alex Cabrijas.

The artist that did my friend's ink was Alex and he was more than happy to do hers since he specializes in colored designs. All artists have been into the craft for several years and 032 has been operational for over three years already. 

032 Tattoo has been known for its accommodating artists and well-presented place aside from each of the artists' intricate designs. And this is definitely true as me Alex and Jaylantoy were kind to answer our questions and hold conversations. Going inside you can pretty much tell that the owner values sanitation aside from well-executed designs. Faith's ink was done in no less than 2 hours and you can see how clean and vibrant Alex created the design. After the session, the artist treats the area with different ointments and antiseptics to help the healing process. 


Both tattoo and piercing services start at P1,500. 032 Tattoo is now relocated along Sampaguita Suites at J Lorente St., Cebu City.

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