Here in Cebu, exotic eats are almost at every street corner. Ginabot, chicharon bulaklak, adidas- these are among the many deep-fried goodness you can find from your favorite vendor. 

With its apparent popularity vendors bring makeshift food stalls and benches. Thus the term of this gastronomic habit Pungko-Pungko was born. Pungko means to squat, referring to how you have to sit slouched on a bench when you eat in these eateries.

Generally these eateries and stalls are open as early to have your breakfast. Imagine biting into the crispy goodness of chicharon bulaklak every morning. Now that’s definitely a heart attack waiting to happen. Aside from pork and chicken innards, you can opt for pork chop, longanisa, lumpia, bola-bola, ngohiong and even squid rolls if innards make you squeamish.

If you’re new at the city or want to try the taste of the streets for the first time, here are some of the places where you can get your fill:

Cebu Doctor’s University at the North Reclamation Area. Definitely the city’s pungko-pungko destination with an array of vendors at every corner.
Fooda Supermarket near Redemtorist Church.
• A popular choice is also the food stalls near Sampaguita Suites at Fuente Osmena.
Salinas Drive at Lahug.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and like lechon, it’s hard to decide where exactly you can get the best-tasting serving of ginabot. Always make sure to eat with a plastic around your hands and ask your friends for food carts that they personally recommend.

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