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Considered one of the oldest kitchens in the world, the Persian cuisine continues to be light, varied and balanced.

Their food culture is often compared to India’s due to their history of borrowed spices, but in the long run has in turn influenced Indian food. When you dig deeper and understand the composition of each dish better, you can identify the major contrast between the two cuisines. Persian cuisine is dainty and harmonious in terms of their use of vegetables, poultry, herbs, seeds, fruits and mixed petals. Indian food, on the other hand, tends to lean towards full flavour, spices, and to put it bluntly, the more piquant the dish, the better.

Persia (now Iran) sits comfortably in the middle of West Asia, surrounded by different cooking techniques and amazing cuisine. The gathered influence is remarkable and reflects boldly on the present dishes they now have.

Visiting one of the oldest restaurants in Cebu was thoroughly delightful. Not only was our devouring session guilt-free by cause of the well-balanced course that was handed over to us, but the ambience completed our experience. The restaurant is beautifully adorned with Iranian tiles and paintings. I take restaurant interiors seriously as it always narrows down an individual’s senses when indulging in a certain meal. The service was swift and food was served before we could even take the time to take a closer look around.

Pita Bread served with Hummus

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The Pita Bread was very tasty, soft, fluffy, and smelled absolutely wonderful too. The hummus gave it a heartier flavour which made it a good starter.

Chickpeas Salad

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It was a wonderful play of textures and flavours. The salad was light, zesty, and the “meaty” quintessence of the chickpeas brought everything together. I am not a big fan of chickpeas, but I do like my hummus. This dish had the potential to make me rethink my affinity for this legume.

Chelo Kabab Special

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This dish was an absolute favourite among the web team, and was – unsurprisingly – the first to vanish. The meat was tender with a slightly natural sweet taste to it. The steamed and saffroned basmati rice was quite aromatic. Those tomatoes you see in the photo aren’t just for garnishing purposes. The tangy flavour you got from them cut through the savory pungency you got from the rice and kebab.

İskender Kebap

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With a strong Turkish background, this dish doesn’t disappoint. The tangy and peppery flavour of the beef complimented well with the cheesy pita bread that was served on the side. The sour cream added a great determinant to this dish.

Sweet Lassi

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This has to be one of the most refreshing drinks ever. The sweet yogurt never fails to impress, but what made this one stand out was the twist that came along with it. The lassi is usually paired with a fruit. The owner wouldn’t say, but I was sure I could taste coconut in there. Sipping into one of these babies brings you back to those beach escapades that you very much enjoyed. Never leave the place without trying this.

If you’re craving for a middle-eastern treat, head down to Persian Palate. They have four existing branches to choose from which means accessibility isn’t a problem at all.

Visit their website for more information: