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The Torta mamon is Argao’s pride and joy!

Cebu is home to countless mouth-watering delicacies that can leave you wanting more. We have the chicharon from Carcar, danggit from Bantayan, Mazareal from Mandaue. I can go on and on.

Another popular delicacy associated with Cebu is the Torta mamon from the southern heritage town of Argao. It is a porous sponge cake delicacy that resembles a large cupcake with butter, sugar, and/or cheese on top, traditionally served with sikwate (hot chocolate) for afternoon snacks or merienda. Traditional recipes vary from family to family or from town to town, but the ingredients basically consist of flour, egg yolks, milk, and fresh coconut sap as sweetener.

You can hop on a bus headed for the town to have a taste of the Torta from Argao directly from where it is made.. or you could buy one at the nearest supermarket.

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