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As summer ends, a new chapter of life starts, especially for students. It is the time of the year again when students will be learning new things, study new topics and apply new skills that are being taught in school. And this new school year, students from different universities share their thoughts and sentiments about going back to school.



Miyuki Shirabe and Shannen Nyle Tan are fourth year Veterinary students from Southwestern University. They said that going back to school make them happy because they get to see each other and their friends again but also felt sad because she has to get up early to school and go home late. “Going back to school is like Hunger Games, jeepney version” Shirabi said. While Tan described this new school year as something students should look forward to, “Basically, there will be new learnings for me and for my classmates” she emphasized.


This new college student from Cebu Doctor’s University felt challenged yet excited in going to school. Miguel Franz Ranili, a freshman student in the College of Dentistry said that, “It’s going to be a new environment that I need to blend in and college is a new level for me.” Moreover, he looks forward to meeting new friends and fun school activities that he will possibly join. After six long years in high school, Miguel believes he is ready for the next chapter of his adventure as a student, the college life.

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Instead of enjoying her mid-year break from school, Melissa Francine Quinal, juggles work and studies at the same time. She is taking her internship at the local radio station as part of her requirements as an incoming fourth year Mass Communication student from the University of the Philippines Cebu. This Iska expresses her love-hate relationship towards going to school. According to her “I hate having to go to school again every day, and love it at the same time. I hate having to wake up early but I always look forward to spending the rest of the day in school because of my friends and the different experiences I get every day.


John Keith Ardiente, a senior high school student from the University of Cebu-Banilad said that it felt good yet tiring to be going back to school but despite all that, he is happy to meet new friends because of the re-blocking of sections. “And from what I’ve observed my classmate is competitive and I love the environment because jam ra tanan” he added.