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Cebuanos love this and it is worth writing about again and again.

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Hair is a big factor when it comes to the physical appearance of an individual.

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Having a sweet tooth is either a blessing or a curse. Either way, it does not really matter because you have Cupcaken to satisfy the craving!

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Craving for Japanese food yet short on budget?

It’s not a common situation that you see someone actually living their childhood dream.

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If you are looking for some summer fun and don’t want to go too far away, make the Cebu Westown Lagoon an option!

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It is very inconvenient for people to have to go out of their homes just to go to a spa in order to relax from their stressful week.

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Joseph’s love for photography kept on growing every time he presses that shutter release-from plain aesthetics to emotions- it made him who he is today.