david bowie predicts future

Musical genius, film actor, fashion pioneer – What can't David Bowie do? Predict the future maybe? Boy, you are wrong.


Musical genius, film actor, fashion pioneer. David Bowie has had achieved a great deal of influence to a lot of people in different arts. One thing that amazes me more about him than anything else he has ever done is how he predicted the future a couple of times.

Here are times that the Life on Mars singer had predicted the future:

Online Music Streaming

Back in 2002, the New York Times interviewed the legendary singer where he declared that "Music is going to become like running water or electricity." He was referring to the changing nature of mass availability of music when at that time the music-file sharing Napster and Limewire were huge.

"The absolute transformation of everything that we ever thought about music will take place within 10 years". Ten years later, Spotify was available and was on its way to become the world's largest music market.

Social Media

In 1999, David Bowie pioneered an early form of social networking site when he launched BowieNet, were users were given archives of music, videos and pictures. For a monthly fee, members got an email address and exclusive access to songs, music videos and chat rooms, which the singer participated in himself.

The users can even create and customize their own personal page within the site. They can even have music and video plug-ins on their own personal page like how Myspace followed a few years later.

BowieNet provided a platform where users can interact with each other around the world like how social media blew up in 2009 with Facebook and YouTube where artists can reach out to their fans closer.


Apple's iPads have sold 170 million to date. Owners use them to go on social media and watch videos. In 1980, David Bowie released the most expensive music video at the time. Costing 250,200 Pounds (359,000 Dollars), Ashes to Ashes feature Bowie in a pierrot (French pantomime clown) costume on the video that uses heavily solarized pictures-cinematography technique. Around the 0:25 mark, you can see Bowie holding up what looks like a tablet where a picture lit up and moved.

30 years later in 2010, iPads became available in the Apple Store where Bowie fans and our y101 readers can watch the video here:


The Birth of Kanye and the Possible Apocalypse

Will Kanye West lead us slowly to our destruction? Is he the reason the world will end? Should we all be worried? This must sound ridiculous but Twitter user Alistair Coleman has something interesting.

On 6 June 1972, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was released. It is one of the greatest concept albums ever. The story in the album is about a rock and roller called Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy is the human manifestation of an alien being who is attempting to present humanity with a message of hope in the last five years of its existence. The first track of the album Five Years tells the message that Earth has just five years left, and it will be destroyed.

Five years and two days after the album came out, Yeezuz, a.k.a. Rap God, Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, USA.

Born 8 June 1977 and with over 17.1 million Twitter followers now, Kanye has been that outspoken musician who always causes controversy. Will he also single-handedly cause the destruction of the world? After all he claims to be a god. In Kanye's album, Yeezuz, you can find the track I am a God.

Another clue that Bowie pointed that Kanye West will end the world after five years of the album release is also right in front of the album cover. On the album cover, there is a sign in the building that clearly reads "K West". Is this that sign that clearly points to us that the Stronger and Heartless singer might bring the apocalypse upon us?

Who really knows for sure? All I'm saying is that Bowie had predicted a lot of huge significant things in our life. Let's just hope that Kanye West won't end the world and that he is actually Ziggy Stardust who will give us the message of hope.

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