Disney is really offering their loyal viewers for another live-action movie!


It was Maleficent where Angelina Jolie played the role and was the first of their line who is purely evil character to be on live-action movie.

And now The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop of Disney's live-action movie, re-imagining the 1961's animated film 101 Dalmatians and in 1996's live-action movie where Glenn Close played the role of Cruella.

The 27-year-old actress Emma Stone who is famous of her role as Olive on Easy A and Gwen Stacy on The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) is being considered to play the iconic villain, Cruella de vil. According to The Hollywood Reporter the movie still don't have the director, "has no director but it is a priority for the studio which is hoping to shoot the film later this year."

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