#16 ‘Bon Appetit’ by Katy Perry ft. Migos

  • Bon Appetit contains many food-related sexual innuendos like ‘cherry pie’, ’fresh out of the oven’ and ‘melt in your mouth’ among others. The song is basically Katy Perry boasting about her efforts to fulfill a lover’s sexual appetites.
  • Bon Appetit is the latest track in Katy's catalog where she is assisted by hip-hop heavyweights. On this track, she is assisted by 2017’s popular hip-hop act Migos.In 2010, Snoop Dogg assisted "California Gurls," and Kanye West on "E.T."

# 14 ‘I’m the One’ by DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne

  • In the song, Justin Bieber does hook duties where he tells his girl he’s ‘the real one’ before rappers Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne slide in with verses of their own to convince the same girl they’re the real ones too.
  • This is the first time producer DJ Khaled worked with his long-time friend Justin Bieber. Khaled said during an interview that he wanted to do a record with Bieber only until he “felt like [he’s] in that certain point in [his] career
  • The little boy featured in the opening shot of the music video is DJ Khaled’s own son, Asahd Tuck. DJ Khaled literally played his latest album, which features I’m the One, while his wife was pushing baby Asahd out during labor.


Pepper Spray’ by Dawin

  • Dawin first made waves in the music world with his 2014 viral hit "Just Girly Things" whose 11.7 million Spotify streams and 100 million Vine loops convinced major record labels to sign him.
  • Pepper Spray features a thick ferocious beat drop and thumping electronic breakdown. In the song, Dawin is basically telling his haters he can go from “0 to 100” in a flash.
  • Dawin’s real name is Dawin Polanco (not sure if he’s a Filipino), but he was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He learned to play the guitar at age 4 and got famous for posting a 6-second Vine clip titled, "Your shy friend after having too many shots!”


Early this week, a terrorist bombing killed 22 people and injured up to 64 others just right after Ariana Grande’s concert ended at the Manchester Arena. In the wake of the terror attack, several musicians expressed their frustration on the incident and concern at the people involved. Paramore posted to their Twitter account and said, ‘the community we all create together thru music should be completely devoid of fear. our hearts go out to Ariana Grande & crew & the fans.”

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