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This week on Y101’s Weekly Top 20, David Guetta and Justin Bieber remains at the top spot with their song, 2U. The song contains a line that could make you Bieber’s potential girlfriend! Read the WT20facts below!

“The Way I Are (Dance with Somebody)” by Bebe Rexha feat. Lil Wayne

  • According to Bebe Rexha, The Way I Are is an “F you song to the record label.” She said  the music industry “didn’t see [her] as what a pop star should be.” She said the label saw her as “this Albanian girl from Brooklyn and was a little bit different”, and that she didn’t “look the part”.
  • This is what Bebe Rexha said of the song; “When you’re developing as an artist you have to kinda fight the stereotype of what everybody’s expecting of you; how you should look, what color your hair should be, how your make up should be and what you should wear. But the most important thing is if you like you and if you like the way you look”.

“Back to You” by Louis Tomlinson feat. Bebe Rexha, Digital Farm Animal

      • Back To You” is ex-One Direction member Louis Tomlinson’s second single as a solo artist. Tomlinson said the song doesn’t related to him, but “it was nice” because it “took some pressure off” from recording the rest of the songs for his album which are very personal”
      • Louis Tomlinson said in an interview via Heat magazine that Back to You represents “the most extreme situation of that kind of relationship”.

“Know No Better” by Major Lazer ft. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo

  • “Know No Better” is a new single by the electronic music trio Major Lazer. It can be found on their new EP with the name released last June. Camila Cabello who provided vocals teased the release of the track by posting lyrics of the song in May.
  • The first verse of the song features a line that says “wrist lookin like it been dipped”. That is a reference to the popular American phrase “dipping in ranch”, which refers to an item (in this case a wrist watch) being dipped in ranch (meaning the wrist watch is decorated extravagantly)

Gossip; LANY

LANY are currently on a world tour promoting their self titled debut album. They performed at least 4 shows in Manila earlier this month. Right now the new wave band are in the United Kingdom to perform at the Reading Festival and tomorrow at Leeds to perform at the Leeds Festival. On September, LANY will have at least six shows across the United States. If you live near Seattle, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Tulsa, then you might get to see them live.

“2U” by David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber

  • 2U is a perfect song to when you want to tell a girl that you’re willing to wait for her. According to Justin Bieber, “2U” is a romantic ode to a woman who is worth the chase and time she demands.
  • In the song, you can hear Justin Bieber sing the line, ‘Ain’t gonna wake up to an empty bed”. Fans speculate that this could be a reference to a March interview of Bieber admitting he wants to settle down with someone. “I mean, I honestly want to find a girlfriend. … I seriously want a girlfriend. Dead serious. I want to get married! Not right now, but, like, soon.”, the singer said.

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