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This week on Y101’s Weekly Top 20, The Chainsmokers finally reached the number one spot with their new single, Honest. The song is about, according to the Chainsmokers themselves, is the oldest song in their album. Find out what that song is about on our WT20FACTS!


“Friends” by Justin Bieber & BloodPop

  • Friends” is about staying amiable after a breakup. BloodPop, formerly as Blood Diamonds, teased this collab with Justin Bieber back in July, saying he couldn't "let go of a song and call it done". Bieber and BloodPop previously worked together on Bieber’s 2015 album Purpose; most notably on the hit single “Sorry,” which also had EDM influences.
  • There were rumors that Martin Garrix was involved in this collaboration. However, the producer denied it and tweeted "nope, his track [recently released] is without my help.


Fetish” by Selena Gomez

  • On “Fetish,” Selena Gomez acts as the object of affection of an obsessive sexual partner. She first teased the single at the end of the music video for her previous single “Bad Liar,” which featured only about 17 seconds of the “Fetish” video.
  • Although Selena Gomez was in a relationship with The Weeknd during the recording of this track, it is not built around their relationship.

“Young, Dumb & Broke” by Khalid

  • “Young Dumb & Broke” finds Khalid convincing a love interest that their youth allows them to be “young” and “dumb.” Though Khalid feels like there’s no need for romantic commitment, he’s still “got love to give.”
  • There's a verse in the song that talks about Khalid "having so much in common with someone that they often argue". In an interview, Khalid claims that he and his significant other does the same thing. He said; "Like the common saying goes - "opposite attracts" It can be hard to be in a relationship with someone who has so much in common with you".


During a recent Instagram live-stream, Bebe Rexha revealed that she is single and that she "wants to have a boyfriend, but all the boys treat [her] bad".The 27-year old singer from Brooklyn also admitted that although she wants to have a serious boyfriend, she is "scared to have [her] heart broken again because [she's] had it broken before, and that is probably the worst pain ever.".

#1 “Honest” by The Chainsmokers

  • According to The Chainsmokers, "Honest" is the oldest song on their album Memories... Do Not Open.a It finds Andrew Taggart singing about an internal conflict after hooking up with a girl following a show. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is waiting to hear from him back home.
  • According to a lengthy Facebook post, the duo posted; the background of the song Honest is the "story about a balance between conscience, loneliness, and temptation told through the eyes of one of us after a night out on the road." They continued, The message is dark and revealing of a personal moment, but it's real for anyone who has ever thought about someone outside their relationship."