Rock and roll dead?

Rock and Roll has been declared dead many times in the past decades. It was born in the early 50’s and declared dead five to seven years later.

Kesha and zedd album

True Colors is Kesha’s latest single since she was featured in Pitbull’s Timber in 2013.

Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show features “lip sync battles”, but those things are so last week. This week Ariana Grande came back to the show and did a “lip sync conversation” with the late night host.

lukas graham in american life

We are No. 2 on Billboard. I don’t think I can remain anonymous for that much longer. It was fun while it lasted. Very fun."

game of thrones 6 reactions

Game of Thrones is back and memes and funny reactions came along with it.

Blink-182 , New Cover

Over the last few days, Blink-182 has been posting artwork images and today they premiered a new single since the departure of Tom DeLonge.

adam levine purple rain

Our favorite frontman delivers a notable cover on the legendary classic.

artist of the week prince ent banner

Three songs you may not know Prince wrote.

What is Beyoncé’s #Lemonade?

What is Beyonce’s Lemonade all about and why is everyone talking about it?

Selena Gomez Banned in China

A photo from two years ago forced Selena Gomez to cancel her shows in China.

game of thrones 6

For Game of Thrones fans who haven’t seen the first episode of season 6 yet, I wrote something that might get you refreshened.

: Is Kesha Working with Zedd

We all know what happened to Kesha with all her legal battles, but has she really moved on?

artist of the week lukas

There were many pop songs over the years that came out which I hated.