Timepiece Buying Guide

Here's a guide to make your purchase worth your time...and money.

A watch is a must-have for everyone regardless of style and budget. Thankfully, there are decent brands out there that sell quality and tasteful timepieces. Here are some tips I've found that can help you find your perfect match.

Here's a practical tip that is especially for those who plan to spend an arm and a leg for their timepiece. Generally when it comes to accessories, your choice should always be complete harmony in your entire look. Visualize how your shoes would go with your watch- wearing a two hundred thousand peso watch adorned with crystals all over paired with worn-out loafers will make you look tacky and financially irresponsible.Take a look below- doesn't that look like a real-life odd couple?

Regardless of budget, stick to a piece with a classic design. Big watches may be the trend at the moment but this may not look flattering on those who have a small body frame. Rule of thumb, if the face extends to beyond the width of your wrist, it is too big for you. A leather strap is preferred as it works well through the entire range of professional wear (business to casual). For both men and women, you can opt for a leather strap watch with a neutral hue (black, browns, white) with stitching of the same color as the strap. Gold hardware is versatile and can be dressy and silver hardware is understated and is easily available.

Timepiece Buying Guide

I also found that you need 5 types of watches for your 'watch wardrobe' if you're up for it.

  • Of course, the classic dress watch with the black leather strap. Perfect for formal engagements and extremely versatile.
  • A dress watch with a brown leather strap. This screams business casual. Perfect for work and less-formal engagements.
  • Metal dive watch. For women, they also dub this as the 'boyfriend's watch'. For men, they make their formal wear look extra sharp. For women, these watches add a subtle edge to their business casual looks.
  • Sport watch with rubber strap. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle or for those who can't be without a watch while doing errands.
  • The everyday casual watch. This is usually the ones with nylon or canvass bands. Perfect for students or ultra-casual days.

Timepiece Buying Guide

I hope this post has been informative for you. So scout different stores around town and here's to hoping you find your perfect match!

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