Runway Inspiration

It's that time of the year when we say bye-bye to swimwear!

The last few days have been refreshing. Although it may be hot during daytime (on some days), we can now get cozy and stay in bed longer because of the rainy weather. But today we'll discuss some outfit inspirations from the latest Pre-Fall collections that won't make you wait to get off your bed!

Puff the Magic Jackets

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Have you ever been inside Uniqlo and thought to yourself, "When the hell would I wear these puffer jackets on the rack? What's the point in selling these here?" Well it's time to reconsider as the collections from Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci, Chanel and even Yeezy say so. You can opt for bright colors to set the mood for the weather or stay on the safe side with a monochromatic outfit. Your pick.

Cape Diem

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We're not channeling Superman in this one- look extra polished with different textures or spice things up with a dash of bright red. Missoni is also bringing back the preppy New York schoolgirl look if you're up for it or slay with a bright, regal red if you want to- as seen on Salvatore Ferragamo's show.

Patent Rights

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If you're not into brights, you sure as can make a dark-hued outfit glossy! Patent leather is making a comeback and is rendered on different silhouettes. Valentino makes a stunning wine red piece and your inner-biker chick can rejoice over the ensemble made by Anthony Vaccarello.

What the Fuzz?

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What's the fuss over fuzzies on recent runway shows? Cozy up with different textures and materials that contrast with these furry trimmings. Wear over a plain, feminine dress or a monochromatic shirt and slacks combination and you're good to go. Don't worry- there are cruelty-free alternatives from our favorite boutiques located at the mall.

Biker Madness

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Mad Max and Joan Jett are the names of the game. Looks by Marc Jacobs, Etro and Giamba are equal parts of tough and feminine and take notes. Don't be afraid to experiment with whimsical fabrics, dreamy designs and more leather.

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