Makeup 101

Learn the basics and get your glow on!

makeup 101

Lately YouTube and glossy magazines have been talking about the latest trend in the makeup world- highlighting. If contouring is for defining your shadows, highlighting is not only for bringing out your features but to give you a nice glow.

makeup world- highlighting

I know you've seen several Instagram tutorials on using highlight and contour cream products. Personally, reserve that for the pros because who honestly has 40 minutes to do that everyday? I'd say save the cream contour and highlight palette for special occasions.

makeup highlighting

For everyday wear, I recommend powder highlighters. Liquid highlighters are also great to mix into your foundation to have a fresh and dewy face. Matte and flat makeup has gone out of style, I might say!

makeup highlighting

When it comes to powder highlight, use a brush. You can also use your fingers when you want to tap the tip of your nose or cupid's bow.

powder highlighting

Here are some brush shapes you might consider:


These are called tapered brushes. The tip of the brush picks up the powder highlight while the shorter hairs help dispense and defuse the product on your face.

brush picks up the powder

Fan brushes are also a popular choice most especially for girls with a tiny face. This is also good for those who want to add another lighter highlight shade on top of a base highlight. Now that look can make everyone go blind!

Fan brushes

As for cream highlighters, I do suggest to do these BEFORE you set your foundation. This can also act as a base for your powder highlighters for special occasions. I recommend using a damp sponge so you won't ruin your foundation.

highlighting products

Now for product recommendations! Becca is no doubt the best brand for all types of highlighting products. Though you pay a high price, know that a pan of powder highlight can last you forever! For a mid-end powder highlight, checkout The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer.

The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer

For an affordable drugstore option, E.L.F. offers a wide selection of baked highlighters and Makeup Revolution offers quality that can match its luxury counterparts.

Makeup Revolution

For cream or liquid highlighters, Benefit's High Beam is a popular luxury pick while Revlon's Skin Lights work just as great.

Revlon's Skin Lights

I bought 2 bottles- one for highlight and the other bronze shade to swirl into my lighter liquid foundations!

Revlon's Skin Lights

I hope you can get to try some of my recommendations. Better get ready to go and glow- don't be shock if everyone around you will wear sun glasses!

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