dresses that make you look thinnerImage Source: womencraze.com

There’s no harm in wanting to look slim even just for one night.  You can help yourself by looking a little skinnier by wearing clothes and details that force the eye to look up and down rather than side to side. This gives the illusion that your weight has reduced.

With a few simple fashion tricks, you can fool anyone you want with loose shirts and vertical stripes!

  • Wear loose and flowing fabrics

Clothes that lightly drape over your body are the best way to go since they have enough structure to follow along your body's contours without smothering them.

  • Wear some black

The color black has a slimming effect and can look especially nice on trousers, skirts, and dresses. Do not overdo it, however. Too much black can easily create a drab, depressing look, so you should pair it with other colors.

  • Wear V-necks

V-necks and other vertical necklines draw the eye up and down, elongating and narrowing your torso. Avoid horizontal necklines, like crew necks and boat necks, since these may make your shoulders and bust look wider.

  • Vertical stripes!

Vertical details prompt the eye to look up and down instead of side to side, which helps create the illusion of slenderness.

  • Work on your posture!

Stand up straight, pull your stomach in, and keep your shoulders back. Good posture will keep you looking slim and tall, but slouching will cause you to look stouter and frumpier.

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