know your skin tone

Don't be deceived- there is something for everyone!

Majority of Pinay women are intimidated to wear red lipstick because they fear it would look too bright on them and that they would only suit women who have light and fair skin tones. Because of today's brands, more options are available out there for everyone and these come at affordable, if not cheaper options.

If you feel that you still haven't found your perfect match, here's a guide for every complexion and undertone:

First things first- know your skin tone.
Generally, flattering makeup application comes from knowing what your complexion and undertone type are. If you're confused, here's a simple infographic from Avenue86 to help you out:

Another way to determine this is to wear gold and silver jewelry on your wrist. See which of the two flatter you or whether both flatter your skin. If gold flatters you, you have a warm skin tone. If silver, you have a cool skin tone. If both flatter you, you have a neutral skin tone (I have a neutral skin tone but I gravitate towards colors that suit warm undertones).

Work with shades that suit your undertone.

shades that suit your undertone

If you have a warm undertone, go for warm-toned reds, dusty pinks, browns, and coral shades. If you have a cool undertone, go for cool pinks, blue-based reds and purples. Mauve is also a great daytime-appropriate color. Take a look at this infographic above for reference.

If you're lost, here are some lipstick shade ideas for your skin color.

If you have a dark skin:

If you have a dark skin

Red berries or plums will look great on someone with dark skin. The feel of natural can be obtained using deep shades. For a dramatic look, a dark skin can simply apply bright lip shades.

If you have a fair skin:

If you have a fair skin

Fair skin tends to look pale or pinkish. This type of skin can go with any type of lip shade like deep and dark colors or creamy shades, and yet, still look absolutely fantastic.

If you have a medium deep skin/morena skin:

medium deep skin/morena skin

Wine and berry shades look flattering as well as dark fushia red. This is really fail-proof and flattering.

Of course, these are suggestions. Experiment and wear what makes you feel and look good. At the end of the day, makeup can be wiped off so don't take it too seriously. Enjoy and have fun with it. :)

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