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There are a lot of fancy gifts for sale but isn’t making one a lot sweeter?

Nothing beats the effort of making something for that special someone. A gift made is worth more than the most expensive thing you can buy at the store. Now since Valentines is coming, make that someone special happy by making gifts! You have a lot of options actually, so we are going to give you some ideas. 

1. Make a simple Valentine’s Dessert
Nothing beats making things sweeter by giving your loved one a dessert. If you are not a cook by heart, you will surely be appreciated by trying to be one! Why not start by trying simple recipes? A good starter is Mango Float. How to make one? You’ll need ¾ cup condensed milk (or how much you want), 1 ½ cup all-purpose cream (or more), M.Y.San Grahams Honey, crushed, 1 200g handypack M.Y.San Grahams Honey and sliced mangoes. You have to make the filling by mixing the condensed milk and the whipped cream until they are of desired texture. Lay the crackers on a pan, pour mixture and place some mangoes, repeat the process. End the layer with cream, mangoes and top with crushed Grahams. Chill then serve! You can also make this with bananas instead of mangoes.

8 Valentines Desserts in 5 minutes

2. Make a Valentine Card

Not only will it show your artistic side, your loved one will be very happy to receive it. It will bring him or her memories of childhood and art classes. All you will need are scrap book materials (you can make a scrapbook if you want). These materials won’t cost much and are available at bookstores.

How to Make - Greeting Card Valentine's Day Heart - Step by Step DIY

3. Offer him/her a massage or some “special treatment”

Although doing these things should be done every day, the thrill of labelling a massage or something a “special treatment” will put a smile on your lover’s face. May that special treatment be a facial, a home spa or a simple movie ( like the man offering to watch a chick flick with the woman), things like those are highly appreciated.

So there you go, tips on how to please your loved one this valentine’s day. Why not do them all? Things like these are more meaningful than letting money do the work.