get rid of onion and garlic breath

Everyone gets bad breath but certain food makes it even worse. If we eat a dish with too much onions and spices (especially Middle Eastern wraps and curry), our breath and even our sweat and other substances that come out our body, will eventually wreak.

So here’s some remedies you can try to help disguise that body odor.

        1. Chew some gum or something minty.

Chewing on some bubble gum or better yet, a breath mint can remove some of the smell of garlic and onions in your mouth.

        2. Eat some veggies and fruits

Lemons, carrots, and mushrooms are said to counter the strong smell of garlic and onions in your mouth. Eating sweet fruits like pineapples and papayas can help make the substances in your body taste sweet and not sour from all those spices.

        3. Oral hygiene

Brush your teeth, floss, and gargle. Keeping your mouth clean after eating stinky food will definitely solve the problem. Don’t also forget to brush off your tongue.

        4. Drink some green tea  

Green tea is said to be the best drink to neutralize some of the compounds in garlic and onions that give you the bad smell. You can also drink water with lots of lemon to keep your mouth smelling less awful.