Say Hello to your newest friend!

ASUS may be our go-to brand for affordable yet quality laptops, tablets and smartphones. However, this tech house is about to release a portable and smart companion named ZenBo. Two days ago the price of ZenBo was announced- this smart robot retails for $599 or roughly Php 28,000. ZenBo is a product of Asus Chairman Jonney Shih’s desire and ambition to bring to benefits of robotic computing to every household.


This baby is capable of performing voice-activated commands and is equip with cameras, an internet connection and a touchscreen. But don't expect it to do your laundry or clear the table- you need separate robots for that. ASUS says machine learning and cloud computing will help improve the robot's functionality; Zenbo will be connected to a hive mind of all the other robots.

Although it has the same functions that of a smartphone, it's premise of being able to move and be controlled with your smartphone makes it one of the first dew inventions dedicated to assistance with day-to-day activities. But this is just the beginning for our dream robotic butlers. Since movies and television set our expectations of technology too high, we forget that there are still so many technical challenges facing robots, with researchers and companies chipping away at challenges related to movement and object detection, among other things.

Indeed, the future with tech is definitely bright. What type of inventions are you looking forward to?

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