SanDisk outs the 'world's first' 1TB SD card

It has finally happened: an SD card has now broken the 1 terabyte threshold. SanDisk and its parent company Western Digital unveiled a new 1 terabyte SD card, ushering in a new era of tiny memory cards with massive storage capacities; an SD card that has more storage than your laptop.

The prototype memory card was unveiled by the brands at Photokina 2016 over in Cologne, Germany. This announcement comes 16 years after SanDisk unveiled the world’s first 64 megabyte SD card — a breakthrough in capacity at the time. Less than two decades later, we can now cram nearly 16,000 times the data onto a memory card of the same size.

Imagine all the possibilities.Think about how many movies you can fit into that tiny SD card.

The company says the 1TB card is necessary to match the increasing demand for memory-heavy formats, including 4K and 8K footage, 360-degree video and VR. However, there will be some downsides. The 1TB card is certain to be prohibitively expensive, and at such a large capacity, read and write speeds are going to be comparatively slow. Plus, if you're working with a 1TB card there's always the danger you'll have too much space and forget to ever switch cards. Now imagine the anguish if your 1TB card corrupts and you lose everything on it..

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