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The future is bright for tech but we wish these developments release soon!

Technology and gadgets have become increasingly impressive over the years while making people a tad lazier by some degree. Despite apparent disadvantages we do wish there will be improvements in health and home tech too aside from wishing for the perfect smartphone. It would be great if we have some of these developments soon!

Self-driven Cars
Of course, self-driven cars are already a thing but we wish to see a fully autonomous car in a few years. It is predicted that the upcoming releases in the next few years will have self-driving features. They’ll increasingly be able to follow curving roads, change lanes, safely navigate intersections, and stop and start on their own — but they’ll still require human supervision, and may continue to hand over control to a human driver when they encounter complex situations.

Real-Time Health Monitors
Wearables or implants that can provide real-time diagnostics can save billions of lives every year if this were to happen, especially with gadgets that can monitor cancer, the immune system, intestinal flora, and conditions like pre-diabetes. Such gadgets, which may come in the form of wearable devices or patches, could make health care preventive rather than reactive. Because, these days, it's too expensive to die let alone all that grueling medical care.

Completely Wireless Home Appliances and Gadgets
This will make home living easier to navigate, command and become more safer (you can't imagine what might've happened if you completely forgot to turn off your clothing iron.). While it could be a chore to think about how much charging you have to do on a daily, you can't help but wonder how it would be like if everything can be controlled with a few taps and voice commands.

5G Smartphones and Networks
While there are some loving 4G and some who are yet to experience 3G and LTE, companies are already looking into the release of 5G. While the standards for the technology are still years away from being set, it’s safe to say that 5G will be faster and less energy-intensive than 4G, which will bring faster smartphones, better smart home devices, and longer-lasting wearables.

Augmented Reality Headsets
While Virtual Reality hasn't reached its full potential yet, tech analysts predict that Augmented Reality technology will be readily available in a few years. This means the possibility of holographic technology at home but not really- this type of technology that paves the way for shows and games that project characters and environments onto your living room and create immersive virtual worlds that blend with your surroundings. This will change entertainment and education tremendously! Some even predict that in a few years we'll be in an augmented reality at all times.

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