Marshmallow Crossbow

How badly do you want to be able to shoot marshmallows 60 feet across?

Wanna challenge your friend if his skull can take the impact of a flying marshmallow? Doubt no more and shoot him using the marshmallow crossbow!

The Marshmallow Crossbow or "Mallow Bow" is a substantial activity toy made to shoot targets using regular sized marshmallows as the "ammo".

This model from a company called Litchfield can be assembled and disassembled with no tools required. It is handcrafted from 99% natural materials in Vancouver, Canada.

It can safely shoot marshmallows in a straight line at an average distance of 60 feet. The device is suitable for adults and children ages 10 and above.

It is advisable not to launch rocks using the mallow bow, or else your friend will end up in the hospital.

Check out this fan-made commercial
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