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Back in the day, people used to browse the internet using bulky computers with huge CRT monitors that took up half of a desk. Internet users would bookmark their favorite website in their browser so that they could check what's new in just a click away.

Today the internet can be accessed on a phone. However, it's kind of a pain in the ass to bookmark things on mobile. That's why most people choose to download apps for each of their favorite sites. In the app, all the contents you need from your favorite site are neatly compacted inside. Plus, it would only take up less of your mobile data allocation if your app contains the necessities in which you would usually open other tabs for.

If you have an app that has everything; free music, radio, news, ads, and promotions for events near you; then the app is worth downloading. Yes, you can still access your favorite website on your mobile browser, but fiddling about with a URL bar and managing bookmarks on the phone is very awkward. Apps exist to give users better control of the content they need. Apps enhance existing functionality through user-friendly way.

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