funniest memes and jokes about the new iPhone 8 and X

Earlier this week, Apple launched its latest line of products and the public’s reaction is priceless. Some gasped at the fact that iPhone X costs $1,000 which is equivalent to P50,000. The pricey model features an all-screen display, and can be unlocked using facial recognition software. It can also ve charged wirelessly.

Here are what people have to say about these;

Game of Thrones fans know that Arya Stark won’t have any problem with the facial recognition feature;

...Because you know, she can just wear a mask of your face.

Mystique from the X-Men won’t have any problem as well.

Here’s a scenario. Imagine you are Apple’s new facial recognition feature, and you see Beyoncé! Would you have a heart attack?

This one sums up what rich people thought when they first heard about the new product

Unfortunately, some people can’t afford to buy it

Some of us are just worried that the facial recognition feature won’t work

And others are just worried their suspicious partners would do this;

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