Smartphone Tips in buying

Here's some tips before you take a leap of faith!

More and more smartphones are being introduced in the market which makes us think that finding the perfect one is like a needle in a haystack. Not to worry though, we've gathered some tips if you're getting one for the first time or if you're not sure if you need an upgrade!

Smartphones buying

1. Make the right splurge!

If you're going to get one, might as well get the best one within your budget. Contract or no contract, chances are high that once you commit to a new phone, you'll hang onto it for a while. Therefore, buy the best device you can afford. You'll need the camera quality and processor to last you as long as possible until your next upgrade. The battery, too, becomes less efficient at holding a charge as your phone ages, so you'll want to choose one with a high capacity. Another advantage to getting a high-end smartphone is the high re-sell value too so you get to have a good amount to add to your budget when the time comes for an upgrade.

2. Know which features you want.

Some smartphones are priced based on their key features- improved user interface, high-speed OS... it will really help if you know what you want or else you'll be paying a hefty price over a smartphone with features you'll never use.

3. Find the right design.

We're now at a time when our smartphones are as important as our arms and legs. Buying a cell phone means entering into a deeply personal relationship with a highly portable physical object. Would you want something sleek to suit your sophisticated lifestyle? Or do you like fun colors to match your funky outfits? Make sure you're comfortable with the way it looks and feels in your hand, and make sure that your phone-to-be reflects your personal sense of style.

So better choose your smart gadget right and it'll make its cost worth more than you actually paid for. Which gadget are you planning to spend on this year? Share with us!

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