Real Time on the Road Apps

Cebu's traffic is getting worse day by day and we're going nuts.

With the repair of the old Mactan Bridge, non-stop construction at Mandaue Roads, grueling hours at Minglanilla, the route to and from SM Seaside City and not to mention the notorious Banilad-Talamban during rush hour, Cebu's traffic easily pops out any moment. Hopefully traffic-regulating entities can work out these problems but until then, we have some free apps that can help us slip through busy roads:

Real-Time on the Road Apps to Download Today

More like a social media app for monitoring traffic, Waze works by utilizing crowdsourcing in order to fetch real-time traffic information. Right now, it ranks as the second most-downloaded navigation app here in the Philippines. This is a personal favorite as this offers a no-fuss approach to monitoring different routes to your preferred destination. Partner this with your Grab Taxi app and you'll be home in a jiffy.

Chances are you have this app already but why include this one in the list? Before Waze and Grab Taxi existed, Twitter was pretty much a go-to app to monitor tweets about real-time traffic. So aside from the latest news and trends, your Twitter app can pretty much help you in a tight situation on the road, too.

Commuting has unfortunately been synonymous to crime happening inside public transportation. Yank lets you input your important contacts in case something goes wrong on the road. This app works by simply yanking your headphones out of your mobile device and a text together with your current GPS location will be sent to your emergency contacts. I could see this one easily become a favorite among parents too especially when your kids commute on their own.

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