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Everyone nowadays is on their phones or on the internet 24/7. It is the new boredom killer for most people in the world in this generation.

It is not a bad thing to go on the internet but you just have to know your limitations and the do's and don'ts when it comes to social media because one mistake that you accidentally post online will turn into a big chaos already.

Although going on the internet does not mean you expect drama lamas every minute you scroll down your news feed. The one thing that I love about Facebook or social media sites are the hilarious videos that goes viral.

Vlogger, "Brettmanrock", is actually my favorite social media star. I enjoy watching his insanely funny videos. He is a gay person that really acts like he is such a diva and his diva attitude what keeps me wanting to watch more of his videos.

Not only Brettmanrock is the internet sensation but a lot more people posts funny videos of themselves or whomever and receive thousands of audience or views and just because of that, they turn into a star. It may seem like it's an easy job just to make a funny video but actually, it isn't. You can't expect everyone who watches your video to like it equally. Everyone is different and have different tastes so that is why you must know how to mix and match the content of your video — just in case you're planning to upload one.

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