Gorillaz’ Noodle and her Kick-Ass Women Playlist

Noodle from the virtual band Gorillaz shared a playlist mixing ABRA, Kali Uchis, Grimes and many more.

Gorillaz’ cartoon guitarist Noodle has recently shared a playlist on Soundcloud celebrating “kick-ass” women including Grimes, Empress Of, Laurie Anderson, and more. Check it out below. Also featured in the half-hour mix are Delia Derbyshire, Fatima Al-Qadiri, Mica Levi, Anna Meredith, Kali Uchis, Hiatus Kaiyote, and more.

On Instagram, Noodle describes the artists as “kick-ass women who in their own individual ways are true pioneers in the writing, production and creation of MUSIC.

For the past few months, other members of the virtual band shared their own playlists as well. Last month, bassist Murdoc shared a festive “Dirty Santa Party” playlist that included Christmas songs from AC/DC, Weird Al Yankovic, comedian Eric Idle and more.

Members 2D and Russel Hobbs also shared their own playlists for the past months as well.

Judging by progress reports, the new Gorillaz album should be nearly complete. With the release of a new SoundCloud playlist by Noodle (the last member of the band to release a mixtape), it gives fans a peek into some of the female musical inspirations behind one of 2017’s most anticipated albums.

The 12-track mix includes “REALiTi” by Grimes and “O Superman” from Laurie Anderson, as well as selections from synthpop songwriter Empress Of, acclaimed composer Mica Levi, and Kuwaiti electronic musician Fatima Al Qadiri. The whole thing features narration by the late English musician Delia Derbyshire and deaf Polaris Prize-nominated percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Stream the full playlist below.

Noodle’s Playlist:

Narrated by Delia Derbyshire and Evelyn Glennie
Mystere De Voix Bulgares (Bulgarian Women’s Choir)“Kaval Sviri”
Anna Meredith“Nautilus”
Lully“Slow D’s”
Kali Uchi“Ridin Around”
Fatima Al Qadiri“Szechuan”
Empress Of“Woman is a Word”
Hiatus Kaiyote“Molasses”
Laurie Anderson“O Superman”
ABRA – “Vegas”
Mica Levi & Oliver Coates“Barok Main”Delia Derbyshire – “Doctor Who”





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