NEW New Wave Type of Music

With acts like the The 1975, The xx, and Twin Shadow; new wave music is being revived well into the 2010’s.

New wave music was a popular genre of rock music in the late 70s to the mid 80’s. It’s characterized by its moody sound and electronic-inspired riffs. Popular bands of the era were Joy Division, The Cure and Modern English. Some of the new wave music at the time can be artsy and some can be pop friendly like Kim CarnesBette Davis Eyes.

The WakeMelancholy Man
Kim CarnesBette Davis Eyes
The SpecialsOur Lips are Sealed

After the 80’s, new wave music fell out of place and popular music kept on evolving. The radio played whatever is fresh and new. Hip-hop music dominated the early 90’s, then R&B music came into play. Bubblegum pop was introduced, then by the early 2010’s, electronic dance music was at the top of the radio charts.

But the rhythm crew have noticed a new trend in the mid 2010’s. That is the revival of old school new wave music. The 1975 broke the usual radio airplay by bringing in nostalgic melodies and 808 beats to the mainstream. Their music sparked a renewed interest in pop synths, and even the moody aesthetics often heard in new wave music from the 1980’s.
Because of the 1975, popular bands in the post-80’s new wave revival like The xx and The Drums became even more popular. Their music got picked up by radio airplay when usually their new new wave sound has once been just for a niche market.

The Drums - Money
Twin ShadowRun My Heart
The xxOn Hold

New wave music is coming back to dominate the airwaves and we’re not complaining at all. The rhythm crew thinks it’s very exciting to witness another new shift in popular music happening right now. We hope this trend in the new wave revival will last long.

Do you know any other new wave revival bands you’d like to share with us? Do you remember the first time you heard The Cure? Share to us your new wave music story in the comments below!

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