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Katy Perry’s latest single is the bubbly but politically charged Chained to the Rhythm, asking everyone to take off their earbuds after hearing the song and take action!

Katy Perry recently released her newest single, Chained to the Rhythm, her first song since the release of the Olympic anthem Rise last year.

The song, which features a bridge verse from Bob Marley's grandson, Skip Marley, was written by Perry, Sia and producer Max Martin, among others. The song rides along a mid-tempo beat, as Marley blends his reggae background with the track's buoyant synth-pop.

The lyric video released alongside the song shows a pair of hands making a meal in a miniaturized kitchen. At the end of the clip, a hamster watching one of his peers run on a wheel on television receives the tiny feast.

Perry’s new single hints at a politically charged next era, making Katy's return to the mainstream all the more interesting. Katy Perry is literally now a political pop star!

That's what "Chained To The Rhythm" is all about. The song is built around lyrics chastising us for being "happily numb" and "tone deaf," and tries to gently puncture the bubble that we create when we drown out the world's issues and "dance dance dance to the distortion."

WATCH : Chained to the Rhythm Music Video

Then Skip Marley slides in and is even more explicit with his rhetoric: "Up in your high place -- liars / Time is ticking for the empire / The truth they feed is feeble." The overall point seems to be: Wake up, sheeple! Set down your earbuds (after you finish listening to this track) and make a difference!

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