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She’s not another pop princess;  it’s something she was groomed to do but instead of following the footsteps of her famous older sister, J-pop Idol Olivia Lufkin, she turned the offer down and  took the different path to do what her heart wants to do.  

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Welcome to the twisted world of Alice.

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We know Die Antwoord as an out of this world group who leaves us with a weird state of mind after watching their music videos but little did we know that they have an awesome short film.

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We had the opportunity to watch the movie last week and here’s what we can say:

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The book is a memoir of Nic Sheff’s addiction to methamphetamines.

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This is a must have for action figure collectors out there.

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How could they make another movie?

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Among all the Lamb Of God DVDs I have seen, Killadelphia scarred my insides the most.

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Stephen Hawking said that this movie is the closest thing to time-travel.