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I asked the people of Y101FM to tell me their wishes for Christmas wishes were and these are the things they said:

“Win the lottery with a 6 digit amount of cash so that I could help other people especially the children; buy my own house and lot before I retire and have a new husband, just kidding! -Charito, Traffic

“What’s there to wish for? Anyway, if I had a wish, it would be good health for everyone because with good health, you can wish for anything.” -Web admin

“A Christmas wish? Hmmm…I wish for world peace" -Mike Olitres, Station Manager

“I wish for a game capture so that Jowil and I can stream the games” -Francis, Graphics

“Nothing.” -Veronica

“ I don’t have any. I have a wish that I wish for every day, but not for Christmas” -Michael Solon, President

There you have some clues of what is inside their minds. How about you? What do you wish for?

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