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I finally got the chance to talk to Carlow and grab every detail I could since I rarely get him to speak.

Carlow’s Christmas wish is to have a new queen-sized bed because the foam and most of the metal support are in shambles which prevents him from having a deep slumber. Carlow can’t sleep flat anymore, he complains. He said that it has been weeks that he has not slept with a comfortable position so every time he wakes up, he has cramps. So if anyone has a kind heart out there, you can put a smile on Carlow’s face by giving him a new Queen-sized bed! 

Carlow, like everyone else has his bad habits and he is going to kick them for good! He shares that he is a light sleeper and the slightest noise or the slightest rub of Chewy’s whisker (his cat) will already wake him up.  He thinks he needs a bed with a really good design to make him sleep well. 

He recently quit smoking with John M and plans to keep it up.

Way to go, Carlow!

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