Jiggy Jr Like Off The Air

Do you ever wonder what the energetic Jiggy Jr is really like when he’s not on his morning radio show?

Jiggy Jr is Cebu City’s best alarm clock. He likes helping everyone wake up and start their day great. He’s very energetic on his morning show Jiggy in the Morning that you might doubt if he really is like that while he’s not on his show.

Contrary to other people who “fake” their personalities, Jiggy Jr is 100% authentic. What you see here is what you get. Jiggy is energetic, loud and happy, not just on Jiggy in the Morning, but anytime of the day. When he leaves the radio booth just to take a bathroom break, he stops by the cubicles inside the station and greets everyone. He jumps and jokes around, and playfully makes fun like what he usually does on his show. Working in the station gives you the privilege of hearing an extended version of the daily Jiggy in the Morning. A bonus package of sorts.

Honestly, I still can’t even believe that a person could really be that jolly every morning. Jiggy Jr is just different and we are all happy that we get to have his company and service.

Catch Jiggy Jr every Mondays to Fridays on Jiggy in the Morning every 6am to 10am. Only here on the rhythm of the city, Y101, Always First.