2016 11 24 jiggy talks main

Yesterday, PAGASA raised signal 1 over several provinces including Cebu. This is due to tropical depression Marce creeping up on the towns to bring gloomy rainfall for everyone.

The rain can sometimes affect anyone’s mood. It can always make anyone sad.

Jiggy Jr is just like any other regular human being. Even on a rainy day, Cebu’s Mr. Sunshine can get affected too. Contrary to what we know about him through his persona on the radio, Jiggy Jr can sometimes feel down just like any regular person would. So what does he do stay positive? He listens to sad songs first then work his way up to brighter-sounding songs.

Jiggy had read a book called “Musicology” by David Beard. It’s a reference guide book for people trying to learn musicology. Our morning radio host learned from his reading that you can uplift your mood by using the power of music. The formula is that you listen to a song that best fits your mood in the present situation. Let’s say you’re feeling down because of the rain, so you play something like “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”. After you’ve embraced your sadness, then you play a brighter song like “Singin in the Rain” to uplift the mood. That is how Jiggy stays positive every time he feels down.

Life is about contrasts”, Jiggy Jr said “To enjoy the sunshine, you’ve got to embrace the rain. Cause after all the downpour, the clouds will scatter and the sun will come out. The sunshine will be so much more beautiful if you experience some sort of rain in your life”.

So you’ve got to remember that after the rain is a rainbow! There’s more of those powerful positive things during Jiggy’s morning show Jiggy in the Morning. Catch him the moment you wake up, only here on the rhythm of the city, Y101, Always First.

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