Jiggy Jr Birthday

Happy Birthday to the morning host that doesn’t age!

As Jiggy Jr turns younger today, he enthusiastically celebrates the special event by making everyone smile and listing down his favorite songs that start him up every morning!

Jiggy Jr’s cheeriness and positive attitude is what make listeners love to listen to him every single morning. His positivity and energy would rub off to anybody he interacts with like magic. No one gets tired of hearing Jiggy talk as he is able to spread joy to everyone so early in the day. He even once revealed that waking up in the morning and knowing that he’s still alive is enough to make him feel thankful and blessed.

“it’s great to be alive! Being able to wake up every morning is such an awesome accomplishment. Just the thought of how stupefyingly lucky we are to be alive gets me up in the morning”.


Jiggy stays positive every morning because he gets to live another day to more exciting adventures that await him. He likes to spread this positive attitude to everyone, and having effectively done so, is what also makes our Jiggy in the Morning happy.

In celebration of his birthday, Jiggy Jr lists off his favorite morning tunes that wind him up every time he wakes up!

1.The Vamps – “Can We Dance”

2.John Legend – “Good Morning”

3.For Real – “Good Morning Sunshine”

4.Panic! At the Disco – “New Perspective”