Health is wealth is a saying that still holds true.

Web manager of Y101, Kaye Garces had a sit-down with the experts behind CLiPtec Philippines, Ryan Yu and Allan Choachuy. For those of you that don't know, CLiPtec has been selling gadgets and accessories at over 40 countries worldwide. The company has started out with computer accessories such as keyboards and mouses as well as mobile accessories. The owner of CLiPtec, Clifford, takes health seriously and decided it was time to diversify their products into gadgets that are not only essential to our daily routine but gadgets that can help people become healthier and can save lives for those that want to change their unhealthy lifestyle. With their gadgets, these have helped people to become more productive with their daily lives and that's why they ventured into the health industry.

A pedometer watch such as the CLiP2Fit is more of a bracelet than a watch and has the ability to track your steps and sleep. Yes, this baby knows when you're asleep and awake! This also tells you the calories you burn and distance you've walked. On the first three days of use, it is recommended to just go about with your normal daily routine as this can tell you the average steps you take and how far the distance these steps have taken you. Because of this, the CLiP2Fit pedometer watch can help you set goals to walk and run longer lengths.

We were also given tips on how to enjoy the holiday season and weight loss in general.
When it comes to weight loss, motivation is key. You should also love your life and your career. The CLiPtec experts shared, "When you get fit there is a euphoria of feeling better." Another thing is to eat anything you like- but make sure to burn it later. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of eating good food. We should all remember, diet can only do so much and can only help you lose weight, but exercise makes you stronger.

Of course, getting a pedometer is highly recommended if you want to be motivated to walk greater distances than your usual. So make sure to walk as much as you can, do your everyday tasks and chores yourself, and you can even go window shopping at the notoriously huge SM City Cebu Seaside so that walking won't feel much of an exercise. Feeling tired at the end of a busy day at the office is also caused by sitting at your desk the whole day. So when you walk and move more, you can handle stress better.

CLiP2Fit is now available at Thinking Tools Ayala and SM, RC Goldline SM Seaside, Y's Choice Supplements, Digi Hub, and District 32 at the Mactan International Airport. You can also get a chance to get yours by joining our on-going CLiP2Fit promo!

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