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Frequency : 101.1 MHz (DYIO-FM)
Power : 10,000 Watts

Primary : Cosmopolitan Cebu and Cebu Province
Secondary : Heard all over the world through www.y101fm.com

Music : CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio)
News : 6 am - 6 PM
Headlines, Sports, Tech, Business, and Entertainment
Reports : Traffic and Emergencies

Target Audience 
Primary : A, B, and Upper C
Secondary : D and E

Broadcast Hours : 24/7

2nd Floor Gaisano Country Mall
Banilad, Cebu City

Telephone no.
(63) (32) 412-6101 (DJ's Booth)
(63) (32) 412-6102 (Office)

(63) (32) 412-6103





Y101’s main business is advertising spots. We are selling 15 sec 30 sec. 45 sec. and 60 sec radio spots. Along with this we are also offering on-air sponsorship deals for our shows, news, weather and traffic updates. On air promotions like on-air contests and other strategies in promoting our clients in our on air programs can also be arranged.

On the ground exposure is also available for our clients. These consist of event sponsorships and tailor fitted events catering to the specific needs of our clients. These events will range from small pocket bar events to big events like concerts and the likes. Through our wide business partnership with the prime venues here in Cebu we can be sure that our clients are merchandised very well. Broadcasting live from the event either on phone patch or Studio transmitter Link can be part of the package and will help in promoting the event in terms of on air exposure, plus it ads prestige to the event.

Y101 can also package other advertising medium such as print placements in major Newspaper and magazines, television placements, billboard placements, and web advertising placements. This can be bundled in one package covering all mediums stated.

Y101fm.com our very own website that carries our on air netcast and the latest tid bits in entertainment and lifestyle can be a major avenue for their exposure. This allows advertisers to extend their advertising opportunities from audio to pictures and even videos on our site, It allows visual advantage.



Radio Ads/Spot:
15 seconds : P 850.00
30 seconds : P 1,500.00
45 seconds : P 2,250.00
60 seconds : P 3,000.00

Website Advertising Rates:

Premium Leaderboard Ad: P 15,000.00/month
Skyscraper: P 15,000.00/month
Medallion: P 8,000.00/month
Footer: P 5,000.00/ month

Article (From Client): P 5,000.00
Article (Written by Inhouse Writer): P 8,000.00

If the interview was made on-air to be uploaded on the website: P 10,000.00
If the interview was made by anyone from the web team uploaded on the website: P 8,000.00
Exposure on the Y101 Booth TV/ Online/ month: P 35,000.00


(All rates are negotiable)