the flightYour favorite weekend trip to the stratosphere is ready to take you to the skies! Are you in the mood for some mind-blowing party music? Stuck at home on a Saturday night? Whatever your excuse is, look no further. We got just the thing to get your blood pumping! Get on board TheFlight as it takes you high in the sky to get your mind blown.

Y101 presents TheFlight, the coolest party in the sky which features the best of X System Effect and Jake Guadez and their sick beats. Expect awesome mixes fresh from the proverbial oven as TheFlight crew throw out bouncing bass lines and steely beats that will shake the skies!

From 10pm ‘til midnight and extended until 2am, TheFlight will keep you partying ‘til your dancing shoes wear off. So tune it up and break the knob off, experience the musical frenzy that is TheFlight Don’t miss what the buzz is about and get ready to come onboard. TheFlight, exclusively mixed for you and your friends. Get the bass pumpin only here at Y101, Rhythm of the City, Always First