An excellent escapade can never be forgotten. It is a need for us to go out and explore the beauty of nature. All these beautiful wildlife are here for a reason which we mostly take no notice at all in a day-to-day basis.

Here in our very wonderful province of Cebu, lies great explorations and magnificent sites that must be visited by all Cebuanos before they take off to another land. To get to wherever you please is to simply ride a bus (or a private car or a motorcycle, whichever you prefer) and you will suddenly reach a perfect paradise within our own island.

A great adventure to be planned is taking your friends or family (or both) to a breath-taking place where you can hear splashes of water that run down from a 3-tier waterfall. Kawasan Falls, located in the southern part of Cebu is, for me, the most common cataract in Cebu. It is frequently visited by locals and tourists because of its adventurous path before reaching the main attraction. You can also go up to the different levels of the falls.

You must expect to go on foot for about 30-45 minutes before actually the falls. But don’t worry, in this time period, you can already see the beauty of nature as you walk beside the Kawasan river. You will pass by wooden bridges, see natives doing their thing and you can also take a lot of pictures and post it on your Instagram account. On the way, you can already hear the plops of the waterfalls.

There are cottages that surrounds the body of water and food that you can also buy (if you did not bring any food, which you should the next time you travel). The bamboo rafts floating around can carry people and take them under the falls which is scary but awesome. Enjoy the heavy water massaging your back as you pass by the bottom tip of the falls.

When you get to the falls, of course you must take pictures right away but the true beauty of nature can’t be seen through just an image. If you are a true Cebuano, then visiting the Kawasan Falls should already be checked on your travel list.

Exploring outside the box, Beyond Cebu.

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