A three-day Tactical Survival and Arms Expo 2023 got underway on August 3 at the SM Seaside City Sky Hall in CEBU, Philippines.

Today's celebration is anticipated to be attended by Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, Vice Mayor Raymond Garcia, senior Armscor officials, and members of the Philippine National Police.

The August 3–5 expo, according to Joel Concepcion of Armscor, is not simply about guns. It provides Cebuanos with a way to learn more about defense, security, and survival. For those who are interested, Concepcion said there will be a daily lecture on the topics.


 Manufacturers, dealers, innovators, and others are given the chance to exhibit their goods at the aforementioned expo. The opportunity to purchase the most recent equipment from reputable manufacturers at a reduced price will also be available to expo attendees. Admission is free.

The expo will offer applications for renewal of the License to Own and Possess Firearm (LTOPF) as well as the Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of Residence (PTCFOR).