The Queen Bee is pregnant with baby number 2 but she and her hubby might be splitting up.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z has been the power couple of the music industry. They were married since 4 April 2008. They are lovingly called "Bey-Z". On 7 January 2012, the couple gave birth to a beautiful daughter they named Blue Ivy. After almost eight years of marriage, reports have been circulating that they may be divorcing.


The Hollywood gossip news site Hollywoodlife reported that the couple hasn't been seen together recently, and that it wasn't just because they were busy with work. The couple was reportedly seen fighting all the time and that Beyoncé is four months pregnant with a second child.

Beyoncé's recent temperamental attitude with Jay-Z might have been due to her pregnancy. This might have been the reason that their marriage is taken its toll. A source said that Beyoncé is very moody and Jay-Z snapped during an explosive fight.

"He yelled, 'You're not the boss of me!' Her response was to hurl a cell-phone across the room, missing him and hitting a painting instead.", the close source told the gossip site.

Bey-Z have faced divorce rumors several times in the past, but the source said that things have reached a whole new level as Beyoncé is in her second pregnancy, as "she wants him to be at her beck and call," but "Jay isn't having it."

Only time will tell if the music industry's most powerful couple will actually split then we'd have new interesting albums coming from both these artists with somber themes coming off from their divorce.

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