Slash Finds Something Slithering on His Porch

Welcome to the jungle, or in this case Slash’s front porch. The Guns n Roses guitarist shared a picture of a wild gopher snake he found on the porch yesterday.

Wild Gopher snake on my porch yesterday. Pretty mild mannered when I moved him. Iiii]; )’

Judging from the awesome Slash-moji our favorite Sweet Child O Mine guitarist placed at the end and by the way he mentioned how the reptile reacted when he moved it, it’s safe to assume Slash was not in any danger and he will be able to reunite with Axl Rose this weekend at Coachella. And aslo because the snake was non-poisonous anyway.

Everybody loves Slash so you can’t blame the slithering guy. The snake must have been very honored to see Slash or he just wanted to collaborate for another Slash’s Snakepit record. Nobody will never know.

The snake was not found after.

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