bionic lens will give you 3 times better visionImage

There’s a new contact lens that could improve human vision by 20/20! The Bionic Lens, which are surgically inserted into a patient’s eye, is designed to replace the eye’s natural lens. The insertion of the bionic lens is said to be painless and 8-minutes long. (according to Dr. Garth Webb, founder and CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp.)

The lens inside the patient's eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens, much like cataract surgery. The process then involves flushing the eye with a saline solution. Just 10 seconds after the implant is in place, the folded lens opens up, moves over the eye's natural lens and vision is improved, the company says.

They also said that the bionic lens enhances eyesight for life! The lens is customized and modified, allowing the full potential of a healthy visual system to be realized.

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